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Lightweighting of label formats
The packaging industry and its customers are continually moving towards decreasing the weight of product packaging, either using thinner rigid containers, whether metal, glass or plastic; or by switching to flexible plastic formats.
Labels are also contributing to this drive for weight reduction, with product manufacturers either using smaller labels, or labels produced from thinner materials. Material science developments have aided the reduction in volume and thickness of label materials, while maintaining the strength for handling and printing processes. In addition to the reductions in material that will be used for the labels, thinner materials offer other advantages to both the label printer and its customers. Printers can use rolls with longer lengths so that there is less downtime to splice on a new roll, and label users will receive more labels on longer rolls that are lighter and easier to manage.
Nestlé Waters North America has reduced the size of labels on its bottles by 35%, in addition to using lighter weight bottles. These initiatives have resulted in an annual saving of nearly 30,000 metric tonnes of plastic and 4,500 tonnes of paper.

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