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Chang Yang Electronics Company Ltd.(昶揚電子有限公司)-Best USB 3.1 C TYPE

Chang Yang Electronics Company Ltd.(昶揚電子有限公司)-Best USB 3.1 C TYPE

Chang Yang Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1984 specialized in connectors and cables including Audio, Home Theater, Video, Computer and Network Essentials. We have comprehensive product lines and always dedicate to invent and improve our products to maintain the highest customer satisfaction.
We have been awarded by ISO9001; ISO14001 and OHSAS18000 to provide our customer and end user reliable quality and satisfaction. Today, Chang yang is one of the adaptors in HDMI Licensing LLC.
In addition, we passed some licenses like HDMI1.4b ATC certificate ,CE,FCC,USB 3.0 approval ...etc in spite of providing most well-qualified products for our customers.
We work closely with our customers and maintain competitive edge by providing performance service and substantial customer satisfaction.

昶揚電子有限公司成立於1984年,工廠於大陸廣東中山市,為專業線材製造商,專業生產各式線材(HDMI CABLE、音頻視頻線材、電腦網路週邊產品),多年來秉持一貫創新的研發精神及對完全品質之堅持,產品最具市場優勢與競爭力,在業界具有良好品牌形象及信譽口碑,也為求對客戶品質之保障。生產過程符合RoHS規範,也通過ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18000。另外昶揚也為HDMI 及USB協會之會員。擁有HDMI1.4b版、CE、FCC及 USB3.0…等專業認證。


  • Smaller size:Similar in size to the existing USB 2.0 Micro-B.
  • Usability:Reversible design lets the plug/cable in to the device in any direction
  • Support power charge:Type C connector and cable will support scalable power charging.Charge an array of devices, faster. USB 3.1 also supports up to 60W of power for other devices such as printers, monitors, hard drives, and even laptops.
  • Extension:The connector design will scale for future USB performance. Just a single cable let's you transfer data at incredible speeds, power and charge other devices, as well as deliver incredible audio and video resolution.

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