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Mentor Graphics Announces FloTHERM XT with EDA Connectivity for Advanced Thermal Management

today announced the newest version of theFloTHERM XTsoftware product with advanced thermal management capabilities for electronic systems, printed circuit board (PCB) and packages of any geometric complexity. As the industry's first integrated mechanical design automation (MDA) and electronic design automation (EDA) electronics cooling solution, the FloTHERM XTproduct has CAD-centric technology and a robust mesher which simulates complex geometries with ease, speed, and accuracy.


The new FloTHERM XT product now supports transient analysis, Joule heating, parametric studies, extended EDA integration capabilities, and new modeling options, including a cutting-edge ability to represent copper in detail for complex PCBs. These capabilities provide an ideal solution for the thermal simulation of electronic devices used in a broad range of markets including automotive, transportation, consumer electronics, industrial automation as well as aerospace and defense.


"FloTHERM XT extended modeling, EDA interfacing capabilities and UI improvements have been well received by our customers as well as our consulting team," said William Maltz, president and founder, Electronic Cooling Solutions Inc. "We can now take raw mechanical and electrical design data for an electronics system through to a viable thermal model appropriate for advanced parametric analysis. The improvements offered by FloTHERM XT enable us to work more efficiently and to build and run models with a significant reduction of engineering time and effort."

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